Device Management

Digital Twin

Thanks to the concept of the Digital Twin, the CODESYS Automation Server offers a multitude of advantages and thus a significant added value for you:

  • Central and easy management of all devices instead of management via external lists
  • Clear and up-to-date display of diagnostic information for all managed devices
  • Smooth and time-saving rollout of identical applications on multiple devices
  • Immediate visibility of project assignments to devices

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Permissions Management

How do you share the status of your machines with your customers?

From now on with the CODESYS Automation Server. Use it to share information about specific controllers, CODESYS or Data Analyzer projects and visualizations with your customers the data is intended for.

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Benefit from intelligent device replacements:

  • Precise matching of device identifications regarding location and ID
  • Automatic output of the correct boot application
  • Automatic roll-out of the application
  • Automatic setting of stored parameters
  • Simple and automatable backup and restore process
  • Central, “natural” storage location for backup data
  • Enormous time saving: takes seconds instead of hours

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Ticket System

How can you benefit from the Ticket System?

  • Easy device replacement and installation, no programming nor expert knowledge required
  • Optimized workflow between application engineer and service technician
  • Low risk of operating errors
  • Separation of application development and machine service in terms of time, location and expertise

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Accessing a web visualization via the CODESYS Automation Server: What does this mean?

  • Accessibility of the visualization from anywhere in the world
  • No VPN or additional third-party remote maintenance solutions required
  • Secure encrypted communication between browser, the CODESYS Automation Server, and the controller network
  • Full control over access privileges

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More Control. More overview. Added value for you.

  • Central storage location and access to all projects and applications
  • Global and secure access thanks to cloud-based technology
  • Uncomplicated and smooth handling of projects by any number of developers
  • Flexibility through project management in the web browser
  • SVN and in the future also Git integration in addition to the CODESYS proprietary repository
  • Unique assignments between project and application versions
  • Extensive synchronization and update options in a multi-user environment
  • Easy merging of changed project modules
  • Platform-independent project management with mobile devices

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Remote Debugging

Secure remote access to your devices and applications: convenient management and debugging

  • Online change via cloud
  • Debugging as in your local network: breakpoints, values read, write, force
  • Access to the file system and PLC shell of the controller
  • No need to set up VPN or remote maintenance solutions
  • Secure encrypted communication between the CODESYS Development System and the controller network
  • Just one click to assign the right project to your controller

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