Permissions Management

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How do you share the status of your machines with your customers?

From now on with the CODESYS Automation Server. Use it to share information about specific controllers, CODESYS or Data Analyzer projects and visualizations with your customers the data is intended for.


Managing permissions has never been easier

You have developed an application for a customer that includes a web visualization. Initially, you only want to give your customer access to the web visualization running on your local test device. The device is connected to the CODESYS Automation Server.

What to do? Quite simple: Add your customer as a new user with "Visu only" rights and send him the link to the web visualization. Your customer can now access the visualization from his own browser via the CODESYS Automation Server.

You can assign or revoke authorizations for each object in the CODESYS Automation Server. Objects are defined as projects and their applications, PLCs, CODESYS Edge Gateways, topology views, templates, and analyzer projects. 

Once an object is created in the Automation Server, by default only its creator and owners of higher-level rights can access it. The permissions dialog of an object gives you several options:

  • First, select the users that shall have access. You can select either individual users, user groups or user roles. All added persons will then have access to the object according to their role authorization.
  • To extend permissions, you can assign additional roles to specific users. All permissions included in this role will then be added to the current permissions.
  • You can also prevent users from granting permissions for a specific object to third parties. To do this, simply activate or deactivate the checkbox according to your wishes and save or discard the changes made.

Permissions Management


Screenshot Automation Server Permissions Management PLC Details
Screenshot Automation Server Permissions Management Permissions Matrix
Screenshot Automation Server Permissions Management Permissions Window
Screenshot Automation Server Permissions Management List View
Screenshot Automation Server Permissions Management Overview