Ticket System

Short Description

How can you benefit from the Ticket System?

  • Easy device replacement and installation, no programming nor expert knowledge required
  • Optimized workflow between application engineer and service technician
  • Low risk of operating errors
  • Separation of application development and machine service in terms of time, location and expertise


Control landscapes are becoming increasingly extensive and complex. This also entails higher management and maintenance costs, which at the same time leads to greater susceptibility to errors. New installations, the replacement of devices, updates of control systems and the upload of applications can often only be carried out with significant time and personnel expenditure.

The integrated Ticket System simplifies your everyday tasks considerably. You achieve your goals more efficiently and minimize your costs.

All at one blow

A common scenario: You have several identical units and would like to install the same application on all of them. Until now, you had to connect separately to each individual device and download the desired application. With the CODESYS Automation Server, you can now roll out the application centrally from the server to all relevant controllers. No more complicated and time-consuming work steps!

Always up to date

The CODESYS Automation Server knows the current status of each connected controller at any time. At a single click, you can see which controllers require an update of their application software. Each update, whether for one or for several controllers, merely has to be generated once in the CODESYS Development System. Once the update has been uploaded to the CODESYS Automation Server as a boot application, it can easily and securely be rolled out.

Easy Update

Whether you are working with a PC, a tablet or a smartphone – the update of your devices can now be initiated from any web interface.

The service technician in charge of the update receives a ticket via the CODESYS Automation Server. This ticket precisely defines the functional scope and the frequency of the update task. By redeeming the ticket, the service technician executes the operations you previously specified. And he does not even need his own user profile in the server and can therefore not cause any accidental damage.