The Industry 4.0 platform

Device management. Engineering. Data analysis.

Everything under control.

Modern challenges

What does the future of automation look like?

New technologies offer enormous advantages for a connected automation world. It has never been easier to manage and maintain globally networked devices so quickly and comprehensively.

However, as the possibilities increase, so do the requirements. Whether we operate machines and plants, develop automation solutions, or manufacture control technology: These are the requirements we have to meet:

  • Keep track of a large number of devices in the field
  • Access the devices in use anytime and anywhere
  • Develop automation projects in distributed teams
  • Manage access for different groups of people
  • Collect, display, and analyze data
  • Ensure high security standards
  • Guarantee data security



Modern solutions

This is what the CODESYS Automation Server can do for you.

The CODESYS Automation Server is a platform that supports you perfectly. The comprehensive solution fits seamlessly into the existing CODESYS landscape and offers you the following:

  • Options for managing your devices, including a digital twin
  • Central cloud repository for your CODESYS projects and applications including Git support
  • Easy and secure remote access to your devices without complex VPN or third-party solutions, for example for debugging, access to visualizations, operation, and monitoring
  • Sophisticated user and rights management
  • Customized tools for recording, displaying, and analyzing data
  • Cloud-supported basis for networked teamwork

Easy and intuitive

How does the CODESYS Automation Server work?

As a future-oriented Industry 4.0 platform, the CODESYS Automation Server offers indispensable advantages for the automation of tomorrow:

  • Perfect compatibility with other CODESYS products through seamless integration into the CODESYS landscape
  • Setup and connection of devices and projects in only a few minutes thanks to explanatory tutorials and detailed documentation
  • Convenient and device-independent operation via browser
  • Clear separation of IT and OT networks thanks to the CODESYS Edge Gateway
  • Industry-independent use through individual configuration options
Screenshot CODESYS Automation Server Data Analyzer
Screenshot CODESYS Automation Server PLC List
Screenshot CODESYS Automation Server PLC Details
Screenshot CODESYS Automation Server Projects
Screenshot CODESYS Automation Server Gateways

Security at the
highest level

How secure is the CODESYS Automation Server?

We take the security of your data as seriously as you do. For this reason, we provide a wide range of security features to ensure that your data is always protected and that you have full control over it at any time:

  • Multi-factor authentication for double access protection
  • Possibility to encrypt project (source code) and application (machine code), optionally with password, CODESYS key, or certificate
  • Audit trail to track changes
  • CODESYS Edge Gateway to encapsulate your devices from exterior threats
  • TLS-encrypted communication on a certificate basis
  • Regular security audits by external test centers
  • Fine-grained and customizable rights management for access control

Transparent prices

How much does the CODESYS Automation Server cost?

It depends on the functions you choose. You can get started with a free trial period. Here is our attractive package at a glance: