Data Analyzer

Short Description

The Data Analyzer makes it easy to monitor, operate, and analyze machine and plant controls remotely - from anywhere in the world, thanks to cloud technology.


The Data Analyzer is an integration of AnyViz into the CODESYS Automation Server. This integration offers tangible benefits, as it simplifies device management. Projects for long-term recording of control data can be created intuitively, and live values can now also be displayed or changed in no time at all.

Data Analyzer


  • Data points can be conveniently dragged and dropped into the workspace.
  • A menu then opens, offering various selection options depending on the data point type (numeric, Boolean or string), so-called vizuals.
  • Some vizuals can themselves display further data points, which can now be dragged and dropped onto the vizual.


With the Data Analyzer, you can not only display control data, but also modify it.
To do this, make sure not to mark the variable as "read only" in the symbol configuration of the project. In order to change a value, select a suitable vizual in the Data Analyzer interface and configure it accordingly.


You can also use the Data Analyzer to record data. The data is stored for an unlimited period of time for all paid tariffs. Choose the tariff that suits you best, depending on the data volume you need. To do so, simply book the package offering the required number of data points and records per hour (Data Analyzer Project). Make optimal use of your tariff volume by selecting the appropriate recording mode:

  • Periodic: Recording in different intervals (10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, ...)
  • Delta: The value is recorded as soon as it changes by a defined delta. Ideal for recording fast changes accurately.
  • Change: The value is recorded upon change. Ideal for setpoints or states.

Subsequently, you can use different vizuals such as Chart, Pivot, or Sankey to display the recorded values in an informative way.

Layouts and smartphone optimization

  • The sophisticated layout concept of the Data Analyzer offers a perfect user experience on classic desktop PCs as well as on smartphones and tablets.
  • The different layouts are divided into several areas. Vizuals can be freely positioned within an area.
  • Individual areas are positioned either vertically or horizontally, depending on whether a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone is used.
  • For displaying large diagrams or tables, you may opt for a layout with only one large area.
  • You can configure individually whether a layout is to be hidden or displayed on the desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

Scope of services

Depending on the Data Analyzer Project, a certain number of data points and a maximum recording rate are available. A free basic package (EVAL project) is included in every access to the CODESYS Automation Server.

A data point corresponds to exactly one symbol that can be enabled for reading and/or writing in the symbol configuration of an application. All common data types of IEC 61131-3 for the representation of integers are supported, e.g. BYTE, INT, WORD, DWORD, LWORD, also floating point values (REAL, LREAL), logical values (BOOL), and strings.

Each data point can be recorded in the Data Analyzer. For paid tariffs, the data is stored for an unlimited period of time.