Short Description

Benefit from intelligent device replacements:

  • Precise matching of device identifications regarding location and ID
  • Automatic output of the correct boot application
  • Automatic roll-out of the application
  • Automatic setting of stored parameters
  • Simple and automatable backup and restore process
  • Central, “natural” storage location for backup data
  • Enormous time saving: takes seconds instead of hours

Intelligent device replacements

Worst case scenario for your production: A control system fails unexpectedly. The consequences: Machine downtime, stagnating processes. Quick action is required here.

Even if you have a replacement device at your disposal, many questions remain unanswered: Which version of the application software was installed before the failure? Where is the particular project stored? Which version of the development software was used to create the application? Is there a suitable boot application? Where exactly is the affected controller located? Is there a backup of important data?

The CODESYS Automation Server knows all the answers and thus enables you to exchange and commission in the shortest possible time. This reduces your workload, reduces the risk of errors and reliably limits possible damage.

Automatic backup

The CODESYS Automation Server significantly simplifies complex backup processes for you. After you have defined the basic conditions, it automatically and regularly creates data backups of the controllers, including backups of the applications and device parameters. This reduces your workload and saves you time for other tasks.

Minimized downtime

If one of your devices fails, the CODESYS Automation Server detects this immediately. It automatically sends a ticket for device replacement to the responsible service technician and provides him with information about the device location. On site, the service technician immediately registers the new controller, for example by simply scanning the QR code. Using the web interface, he installs the most recent backup on the new controller and can now restart production immediately.

By simplifying and shortening previously complex and tedious work steps, the CODESYS Automation Server helps you to keep machine downtime and the costs involved as low as possible. At the same time, the use of the ticket system reduces the risk of incorrect operation by the service technician to a minimum.