Digital Twin

Short Description

What can the Digital Twin do for you?

Thanks to the concept of the Digital Twin, the CODESYS Automation Server offers a multitude of advantages and thus a significant added value for you:

  • Central and easy management of all devices instead of management via external lists
  • Clear and up-to-date display of diagnostic information for all managed devices
  • Smooth and time-saving rollout of identical applications on multiple devices
  • Immediate visibility of project assignments to devices


The control landscape in factories, buildings, or plants with numerous controllers is difficult to oversee and maintain. In order to stay in control, you need accurate and up-to-date information on status, topology, software versions, current project, boot applications, and application parameters. Just as important is the possibility to install new software versions centrally and quickly on all required devices and to provide security via automated backups. In short: You need a tool to increase efficiency and overview.

The CODESYS Automation Server is exactly this tool. It creates a digital image of every physically existing controller in the cloud. You have full access to this image. From there you can find and explore all controllers in your network. The Digital Twin is born.


Online access to all important device data and functions


  • Adaptation of applications via parameter records – with only few clicks, no need for code changes
  • Persistent storage of parameters


  • Transmission of the real-time status of all managed controllers
  • Monitoring and visual representation of the current status
  • Knowledge of the software version installed on each device
  • Representation of the location with individual layouts (e.g. hall plan, control cabinet view)


  • Easy assignment of boot applications to controllers
  • Installation of boot applications on any number of controllers
  • Easy update of boot applications
  • Display of the active application


One application on any number of devices

The CODESYS Automation Server acts as a central interface. From here, you can easily load an application onto any number of controllers. Your advantages: Higher efficiency, yet less susceptibility to errors.

Everything at a glance

The Digital Twin provides you as a plant operator, application engineer or service technician always with a complete overview of your control networks that is precisely tailored to your needs. As the CODESYS Automation Server knows all PLCs in detail – in contrast to customary routers – it not only displays IP addresses but also the current software status of each device, the current application, and the application parameter sets connected to the devices. This allows you to detect immediately which controller needs a firmware update, whether a machine is in error-free operation, or which parameters can be used to optimize an application.

If you know the current status of your devices, you can react to a controller failure even if production does not stop or the failure would otherwise pass unnoticed. If, for example, the PLC of a mobile machine’s unit fails whose function is only used occasionally, you as the operator of the machine park will nonetheless see this immediately in the CODESYS Automation Server. This especially proves valuable if the machine in question is used someplace in the field.

Backup and Restore

Backup and restore in case of failure or replacement

If a controller fails, the CODESYS Automation Server retains all information necessary to restore the previous, error-free status or even to configure a completely new device identically.

With additional functions, such as an integrated Ticket System and automated backups, the CODESYS Automation Server facilitates such tasks significantly, thus helping you to save time and money.