Remote Debugging

Short Description

Secure remote access to your devices and applications

Convenient management and debugging

  • Online change via cloud
  • Debugging as in your local network: breakpoints, values read, write, force
  • Access to the file system and PLC shell of the controller
  • No need to set up VPN or remote maintenance solutions
  • Secure encrypted communication between the CODESYS Development System and the controller network
  • Just one click to assign the right project to your controller


Are you trying to log in to a remote PLC? Want to debug your PLC but don't have a suitable connection? Tired of setting up VPN networks or messing around with third-party remote maintenance software?

Thanks to Remote Debugging, you can debug all controllers connected to the CODESYS Automation Server. The only thing you need for this is the CODESYS Development System. What you no longer need: VPN connections or elaborate remote maintenance solutions.

What's the trick? All CODESYS Edge Gateways connected to the CODESYS Automation Server are available to you in the communication tab of the PLC device editor. Use them to scan for controllers and connect to them for programming. Then get started with programming, just as usual. Online commands like "Reset Warm", "Cold", or "Origin" are available, as well as the debugging functions. Set breakpoints, step through your code, write variables, or force values. You can also easily access the file system of your device or call the PLC shell.

All these actions change the execution of the active application on the PLC. In this case, the Automation Server automatically puts the PLC into debug mode. Icons clearly indicate the state of the PLC, and a toggle switch allows you to exit debug mode from the web app. A warning message informs you if there are still active connections.

If you are working on a project that has been downloaded from the Automation Server to a PLC, you have additional functionalities at your disposal, both in the CODESYS Development System and in the Automation Server.

From the Automation Server, you can download and open a project and log on to the associated PLC with one click.

After changing an application in the Development System, you are prompted to choose between "Online Change" or "Download" if you want to download the application again. Activate the "Update boot application" checkbox to automatically synchronize the boot application and project with the Automation Server. At the same time, the updated version is assigned to the associated PLC on the Automation Server. This way, the latest version is always available and up to date on the Server.

Remote Debugging