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Everything under control at all times also means detecting problems before your customers do.

And that is exactly what the CODESYS Automation Server does. With clear notifications about the state of your PLCs, you'll always be the first to know when something is wrong.
Enable notifications for controllers that go offline or process data values that are out of range and let the Automation Server take control.

Your benefit: Save precious time in monitoring your equipment and speed up your response time should problems arise.

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One for all
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In the future, the CODESYS Automation Server will combine all the information available for your machine or system - CODESYS projects, libraries, documentation, test environments, version history, firmware and drivers. This creates a set of all available resources: a "workspace". Via Workspaces, your machines and systems, the Automation Server and the CODESYS Development System merge seamlessly. And this is how you benefit:

  • You save time when configuring your workstations.
  • Quick and easy synchronization with your team
  • You have everything you need in one place, always and everywhere.

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Runtime updates:
easy and efficient!

Updating applications on CODESYS PLCs is quite convenient. Updating the CODESYS Control runtime system, however, can be more time-consuming. Depending on where the system is located, it may be necessary for a service technician to fly halfway around the world with a USB stick to perform the update. In addition, update procedures are quite error-prone, as they are usually done manually.

We are now working intensely to make the update process as easy and efficient as possible.

Current Version

The right CODESYS installation for your projects: quick and easy.

You open a CODESYS project, but the necessary add-ons are missing. To get your project up and running, you have to install the right CODESYS version and all the necessary add-ons - and that takes time. Sounds familiar to you?

The CODESYS Automation Server simplifies the process considerably: As soon as you open a project on the Server, CODESYS analyzes whether all the necessary add-ons are installed. If not, you can decide for yourself how to proceed. For example, you can use a CODESYS version that already contains the required add-ons. Or you can stay with your current CODESYS installation and download the missing add-ons.

Our tip: Use the CODESYS Automation Server. This way, you can access your projects faster and easier than ever before.

Further innovations:

  • Improved handling of projects with safety applications
  • Introduction of a kiosk user with limited rights
  • Change of network scan view from accordion to table view, including configurable columns

Release History

Looking back: Milestones of the CODESYS Automation Server


September 2021

  • CODESYS Git is a powerful version management tool. The CODESYS Automation Server now also supports CODESYS projects managed with Git as well as the associated remote repositories.
  • Using the network scan functionality, you can now add multiple controllers to your Automation Server simultaneously. At the same time, you can directly enter the access data of the device user management and activate application and parameter synchronization if required.
  • With the latest version you can also delete controllers from the Automation Server that still have an application installed. In addition, you can also delete gateways that still contain controllers and still have applications installed on them.

August 2021

Do you have any idea how much time CODESYS users need to license their devices?

We made up an example for you.

  • You ship 4,000 devices per year. Each of them includes one of our SL runtimes and two more features that need to be licensed. An average licensing process takes two minutes.
  • Total time = 4000 * 3 * 2 min = 400h
  • Based on the average salary of an engineer in Europe, the licensing process alone costs around €30,000 per year.

Our promise:
We will substantially reduce the cost and effort of licensing.

June 2021

  • Arrays and structures are now supported in the Data Analyzer.
  • The configuration tab of the PLC details view was restructured for clarity and better usability.
  • For embedding external websites in web visualizations, you now whitelist them in the PLC configuration tab.

May 2021

  • Adding PLCs with active user management by IP-address/hostname.
  • The "Restrict" feature was renamed to "Permissions" to avoid confusion.
  • All tables in the Web App now remember the last selected items per page.
  • The gateway selection on the network scan page remembers the last selection.

April 2021

Security is our major concern when it comes to controller management. This is why we are currently getting an efficient user administration ready for launch. Starting from CODESYS V3.5 SP17, this new feature will allow you to store PLC users.

February 2021

We deal with the IP addresses of our customers. They entrust us projects, which contain their knowledge about (manufacturing) processes they own exclusively. Therefore we need to do our best to help protect this knowledge. Two-factor-authentication is a state-of-the-art feature when it comes to securing logins. Our first version will cover 2FA for TOTP authenticators. This procedure is mainly used by apps like Google or Microsoft Authenticator.

November 2020

With the comprehensive permissions management of the CODESYS Automation Server it is now possible to set unique user roles for each user, and to restrict or allow user access to certain objects within the Automation Server. As a result, users can only perform the actions that are intended for them.

Permissions Management

September 2020

For the configuration of CODESYS Edge Gateways, it was often necessary to install the complete CODESYS Development System even on computers that are not used for programming controllers at all. In order to save our users time and effort for the installation, we have outsourced the configurator for connecting CODESYS Edge Gateways with the CODESYS Automation Server into a special tool.

We called it “CODESYS Service Tool”, and it is available for free download in the CODESYS Store.

July 2020

Data Analyzer

Record, display, and analyze controller data on a completely new level with the Data Analyzer.

June 2020

A world's first: Debug your controllers from anywhere in the world! Without VPN or other remote maintenance solutions. All you have to do is connect your controller to the CODESYS Automation Server. The Automation Server acts as a secure man in the middle between your controllers and the development system.

Remote Debugging

April 2020

A new editor for configuring and managing CODESYS Edge Gateways.

Use it to easily replace Edge Gateways on the Server!

March 2020

Improved usability for Projects and Applications.

January 2020

Display of the CODESYS WebVisu via Automation Server.


November 2019

Official release of the CODESYS Automation Server.