“The Automation Server allows us to manage our fleet of machines worldwide in a simple and cost effective way." - Jochen Wendebaum, Head of Control System Engineering, Packsize GmbH

Packsize Technologies AB

The Company

With "On Demand Packaging®", Packsize offers intelligent packaging solutions: The smallest possible packaging is created for each product, exactly when it is needed. The benefits: Significantly less packaging material, optimized throughput in the supply chain thanks to small packages.

The M1 machine series is automated with CODESYS-based controllers from Berghof Automation. As part of the "Packaging-as-a-Service" concept, Packsize offers not only hardware but also software. Improvements for both hard- and software can be derived from the production data. Updates for the machines are provided every two months.

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The Problem

Every software update has to be brought to the machines. This process used to be time-consuming and error-prone: First, it had to be clarified which software version was currently running on which machine. Then there was the update process: Service technicians on site used USB sticks for this and stored the current version in the CRM system once the update was complete. In addition, a service technician was required on site for each update.

So, Packsize was in search of a faster solution to offer more security and at the same time reduce travel time and costs for service personnel.

The Solution

The CODESYS Automation Server not only completely replaces the USB sticks, but also complements the existing infrastructure in an ideal way. The update process could be fully automated and runs so reliably that it is already being used in production.

In order to connect machines already installed in the field with the Automation Server, service technicians on site use the CODESYS Service Tool. Communication then runs via encrypted connections with the Server as an intermediary between the machine and the developer's browser. This saves a lot of time, because previously, remote access had to be activated for this purpose, and the password required for this had to be read by a service technician on site and passed on to the Packsize developers.

The integrated Data Analyzer is used to record, visualize, and evaluate operating data. Any problems that occur can thus be analyzed quickly.

For debugging, the corresponding project is simply downloaded to the local CODESYS instance. After debugging, the new application is synchronized with the Automation Server and can be rolled out on all machines.

Packsize uses the CODESYS Automation Server to manage its control landscapes more efficiently and securely. The biggest plus: Packsize now handles updates of machines all over the world with just a few clicks - no more need for time-consuming trips halfway around the world.

A more detailed description of this application of the CODESYS Automation Server can be found in the German article "Perfekt Verpackt".


Screenshot CODESYS Automation Server Packsize application
Details of Packsize machine with CODESYS Automation Server
Screenshot CODESYS Automation Server Packsize topology
Screenshot CODESYS Automation Server Packsize topology
Packsize machine with CODESYS Automation Server