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CODESYS Automation Server – New features in version 1.9.0

We have just released another update of the Automation Server. The highlight: A new editor for configuring and managing CODESYS Edge Gateways. Use it to easily exchange Edge Gateways on the Server!



CODESYS Automation Server – Improved Usability for Projects and Applications

With the release of version 1.8.0, the CODESYS Automation Server has got many cool new features. Watch the video and dive into the CODESYS IIoT world.



CODESYS Automation Server – Feature: CODESYS WebVisu

Find out how the CODESYS Automation Server supports you in securely and easily using your CODESYS WebVisu.



Webinar – CODESYS Automation Server

With the CODESYS Automation Server, the CODESYS Group offers a comprehensive Industry 4.0 platform for industrial and professional automation. It covers a wide range of application fields. Use it to simplify your administrative tasks, benefit from the engineering capabilities it provides or employ the Automation Server features for data recording and analysis.
In addition, a live demonstration of the CODESYS Automation Server will give you an overall impression of the platform.

Please find more videos from the CODESYS Automation Server in the CODESYS YouTube Channel.


Everything under Control

Presentation of the Automation Server at the CODESYS Technology Day

Factories, buildings or plants with numerous controllers and projects are difficult to oversee and maintain. In his presentation, Kevin Ketterle, Head of the Core Technology Department at the CODESYS Group, shows how the CODESYS Automation Server solves these difficulties by providing a perfect overview of a control network and facilitating the exchange of applications and devices, the configuration of new units, the transmission of maintenance orders and much more.

Please find more videos from the CODESYS Technology Day in the CODESYS YouTube Channel.



Please find the brochure for download here. CODESYS Automation Server (PDF).


Application Reports

Am Beispiel von Autowaschstraßen können die CODESYS Group, Hersteller der Automatisierungssoftware CODESYS, und Inasoft, Systemintegrator und Hersteller der Softwarelösung „SQL4automation Connector“, zeigen, wie heute erfolgreich Industrie-4.0-Plattformen in bestehende Anlagen integriert werden können.

So werden Anlagen digitalisiert – CODESYS Automation Server


The CODESYS Automation Server acts as a central component of the automation architecture. The new platform masters the everyday problems of machine operators and thus stands out from other server platforms.

The article by Roland Wagner, Head of Product Marketing at the CODESYS Group, was published in the German IEE magazine in September 2018.

Read the English translation: Another server for Industry 4.0?

Interview with Dieter Hess and Manfred Werner, CODESYS Group.

At the first CODESYS Technology Day in mid-May, Manfred Werner and Dieter Hess got the attention of around 400 participants. They outlined the status of the CODESYS Automation Server, the central component of CODESYS’ upcoming automation architecture.

Interview by Stefan Kuppinger. It was published in the 07/08 issue of IEE.

Read the whole article: More transparency and security

Automation engineers can “do” Industry 4.0 – no question about that. With the CODESYS Automation Server, the CODESYS Group has now introduced a comprehensive platform that helps control and administer controller environments even better, especially in interconnected Industry 4.0 landscapes. Roland Wagner, Head of Product Marketing, explains the advantages of this web-based solution. Pilot users can register until April 2019.

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