Everything under control.

The situation: A large number of developers are working on projects and applications. We are dealing with a difficult to manage network of workstations, data repositories and locations. Associated with that: Different version levels in projects and applications for multiple controllers that need to be managed. Sometimes, the relationships between project and application versions can no longer be traced. Modern automation solutions are becoming increasingly comprehensive, complex and therefore difficult to manage. Managing such structures is a real challenge. The CODESYS Automation Server is the perfect solution. Your project management and application development is considerably simplified. Administrative effort and thus error risks are minimized. You work in a more controlled and efficient way and can activate resources for more important tasks.

More control.
More overview.
Added value for you.

Your advantages with the CODESYS Automation Server:

  • Central storage location and access to all projects and applications
  • Global and secure access thanks to cloud-based technology
  • Uncomplicated and smooth handling of projects by a large number of developers
  • Flexibility through project management in the CODESYS Development System or in the web browser
  • Freedom of choice through Git and SVN integration in addition to the CODESYS proprietary repository
  • Unique assignments between project and application versions
  • Extensive synchronization and update options in a multi-user environment
  • Easy merging of changed project modules
  • Platform-independent project management with mobile devices

Synergies through Social Coding

With the CODESYS Automation Server, you manage your projects in a modern way and develop your applications on a completely new level. It is your central instance for version management and provides you with sophisticated and useful features. If you change a project at your workstation, it only takes you seconds to make the changed project available to all authorized persons in the CODESYS Automation Server, including the associated boot application. In turn, you can access the versions and changes of other developers. In this way, you will always be up to date, have an overview of the entire development process and can ideally complement each other.

Flexible and independent worldwide

With the CODESYS Automation Server you can manage your projects and applications from any workstation. Whether you are sitting at your desk or in a hotel in New York. You decide. Use the CODESYS Development System or the web interface of your browser. Platform-independent and via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. Thanks to the CODESYS Automation Server, you always keep track of how projects and applications correlate.

Controllers always up to date

Thanks to the version, revision and source control capabilities integrated in the CODESYS Automation Server, you know all details about your projects and their development status at all times. On this basis, you always make a well-founded decision as to which version of the project you wish to install as an application on your controllers. The CODESYS Automation Server is your central interface connecting administration and control level. It helps you transfer the desired applications to all previously selected controllers in just a few steps. Fast, safe and from anywhere. Everything under control.